Sun screens on the inside of the window

When we think of summer, we think of relaxing on a terrace, high temperatures, and being outside a lot. But also, which is often the reality, hot evenings, sleepless nights and stuffy bedrooms. At Sun Eclipse we have the solution because our screens ensure that the heat indoors is limited as much as possible. With our solutions, you can easily install sun protection on the inside of the window by yourself.

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Sun screens on the inside of the window

With sun protection on the inside of the window, you can turn your house into a comfortable home this summer. No more damp nights but just a pleasant environment in your home instead, isn’t that what you want? Bring on those hot summer days, because, with our custom sunscreens, you are sure to limit the heat inside your home.

Our screens are not only ideal for the bedroom but they can also be used in an office or a living room. Have you ever thought about sun protection on the inside of your annexe? An annexe is a space that heats up quickly because it consists largely of glass. With Sun Eclipse sun protection, this will soon be a thing of the past.

Various indoor screens

We provide sun protection that you can mount on the inside of the window in different colours and variants. In our simple order module, you can choose the right sun protection for your window in four easy steps. Firstly, you make a choice between mounting on the outside or inside. You searched for sun protection on the inside of your window, so in this case you also opt for an inside screen. Of course, you can also opt for sun protection outside of your window.

The next choice is the type of screen. Do you want Maximum sunblock (up to 97% heat-resistant) or do you choose Optimal view (up to 85% heat-resistant)? When you mount the screens on the inside of the window, the heat resistance will be lower than when you mount them on the outside.

You can also choose the type of frame and finally choose the colour of the sunscreens. You will be mounting the blinds on the inside of the window, so this is an important step. The colour has a great influence on the heat-resistant properties of the screen. We advise you to choose the colour White or Boulder for indoor installation.

Choose a screen for inside the window

We offer ideal, durable and affordable sun protection against heat in your home. The screens for indoors provide a more pleasant climate. A sunscreen on the inside of the window will give you years of pleasure, because the fabric does not stretch, is low-maintenance and will last all summer long.

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Say goodbye to the heat and enjoy a cool home.

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