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Sun protection for windows

Do you suffer from the heat on hot summer days? Does it quickly heat up in your house? Having difficulty sleeping and concentrating due to the heat? With Sun Eclipse sun protection on your window, you can keep the heat out quickly, easily and affordably. You’ll be able to sleep, work and live a lot more comfortably!

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There are plenty of solutions when it comes to keeping your home cool. Think of awnings on the facade or installing air conditioning. But these solutions are expensive and cannot be installed yourself. An awning must be installed by a specialist and air conditioning is expensive to install and use, and it is not the most sustainable solution.

At Sun Eclipse, we offer you a better solution. With our sun protection screens for windows, we give you a practical, simple and, above all, a sustainable solution against heat in your house. You can easily install our sun protection by yourself on the outside or inside of the window. Our system works with unique suction cups and the sun protection can therefore be installed without drilling or screwing. Furthermore, our sun protection is very competitively priced, especially when compared to air conditioning or electric screens.

With our screens for windows, you can choose from the following options:

Sun protection screens on the outside of your windows

Sun protection screens on the inside of your windows

Sun protection screens for windows: up to 97% heat resistant!

When you choose our sun protection screens for windows, you choose a sunscreen that is up to 97% heat-resistant. We have two variants of sunscreens against the sun: Optimal view and Maximum sunblock.

Optimal view fabric is up to 85% heat-resistant when placed on the outside of the window. With this sun protection screen, you keep the outside view. This variant is a great choice for rooms where you still want natural light in the house, for example in the living room or in an office. You’ll enjoy the comfort of a cool room, but still have enough light to live there.

Maximum sunblock fabric is the right choice if you want to keep out heat and light as much as possible. The fabric is up to 97% heat-resistant when you place it on the outside of a window. However, even with this sun protection screen, it doesn’t mean that you cannot see through it at all. We recommend these screens for rooms such as the bedroom or an office in the attic with windows in a sloping ceiling. With this sun protection, you can still work well with computer screens. Maximum sunblock will certainly keep out some natural light. During the day you will undoubtedly have to turn on a lamp if you equip your windows with these sun protection screens.

Sun protection for the window of the best quality

A sun screen for the window that you order from us is of the best quality. A one-off investment will give you years of comfort, because the sun protection screens do not stretch, are low-maintenance and last all summer long.

Our screens and suction cups are unique and extensively tested. It is not necessary to remove the screens from the window every day in the summer. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to rain or it’s going to be windy. Once attached to the window, the screens will remain in place all summer long. Would you like to know more about our previous customers’ experiences with our screens for windows? Read the reviews of people who have purchased the product before.

Screens for the windows

With a Sun Eclipse screen for windows, you don’t need any help. You can easily measure, order and install it yourself. All you need to know are the dimensions of your windows. Once you know the measurements, you can order a custom sun protection screen through our website.

In just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to choose the right sun protection for your window. You’ll receive the price and an overview of the total costs immediately. In the next step of the ordering process, you will immediately see the expected delivery time. Paying for your order is easy. We accept the most used payment methods. As soon as the order has been received, we will immediately start working on your products.

Rely on sun protection from Sun Eclipse

Sun protection screens in front of your window provide a more pleasant indoor climate. This way you can be sure that you will sleep, study and work more comfortably this summer. Are you still not sure about our product after reading this information and do you still have questions? Firstly, take a look at the instructions & answers section. Please contact us if you have any other questions. This can be done through WhatsApp, telephone, the contact form on our website, or email. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Say goodbye to the heat and enjoy a cool home.

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